Creative Freedom

For a very long time I was struggling with my creativity and I couldn’t allow myself to create without judgment from myself and others. I am not an artist at the end of the day. And I will never forget how someone criticized my drawing saying that I am not the real artist therefore I should not be drawing WHATSOEVER. Now looking back, I think it is ridiculous and even funny that an alleged professional had such an opinion.

Creativity is for everyone and it is not only about paintings or photography. Creativity can be found everywhere – book covers, furniture, cooking, logos and labels, nature.

After working on myself through art, I realized that in order to create I don’t need to go to the university or follow classes, I can JUST create and that was eye-opening. At the end of the day, my ultimate goal isn’t to sell my work or to shock the world. My goal is to work on my creativity, try new things, and learn more about art and myself. So why should I and people like me feel ashamed for what we do? We should not!

All of us should be able to express our creativity freely and without judgment from ourselves and other people. And here are some tips on how to find your own creative freedom.

What is creative freedom?

Creative freedom is a decision. It is enabling yourself to express yourself freely through whatever media you want to with no boundaries, rules, or even criticism. Although, healthy criticism is important to grow.

Artistic or creative freedom is when you feel encouraged to create no matter what. You don’t have to feel happy or inspired really. Creative freedom is knowing that there is a possibility of making a mistake and still making your art no matter what.

How to become creatively free?

Allow yourself to be creative with no prejudices. Who cares if you cannot draw if you do it in your own private notebook? And even if you post it on Instagram, it still should not bother others.

Experiment with different tools, learn new things, read new books, research different artists and media. The art world is so big and there are endless possibilities. If you never tried watercolors then it is time to buy some! And if you never heard about sticker bombing it is time to look it up.

A refreshing way to experiment is to switch between different disciplines. If you are into art journaling, try to make photos or short films. If you are into cooking, try writing. If you are into making clothes, try creative make up.

Remember, it is ok to make mistakes and it is totally normal to dislike what you make. But the trick is to go back to your art supplies again and again and keep creating.

Creativity can be challenging. Different people find inspiration in a variety of things. Some are inspired by sorrow, some by nature, some by their own experience. But the fact that there is still a stereotype of a struggling artist is so wrong. Don’t let it stop you. You don’t need to struggle to be creatively free.

As a conclusion, I think the main things on the way to artistic freedom is an ultimate decision that you will be creating whatever and however you want it and that you will experiment with different media without shame judgment.

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