Prophetic Dreams; Submission by Aimilia Efthimiou

Aimilia is a Greek artist and a tarot card reader based in Rotterdam where she works on the Master in Fine Arts.

She provides individual workshops and sometimes public workshops within the festivals or exhibitions’ frameworks. Aimilia’s next workshop will be on June 21st in the Queer Festival of Thessaloniki (Instagram live event, more info on @art_vulgaris). 

pictures of a flower spell that can lead to prophetic dreams

“My work revolves mostly around notions of advice, from self-help narratives to tarot cards. I use tarot readings as a way to explore the longings of guidance and create potential positivity”.

I am influenced by popular culture, the symbol of the ‘witch’ and folktales“.

I perform spells to originate gestures towards broken utopias and second chances. In my workshops, individuals are invited to listen to their own echoes, and embrace their wrongness

“The guidance function of tarot cards, together with other elements coming from contemporary romantic songs or novels are fundamental components of my work.”

“I am reforming and reconstructing already found material which is collected from magazines, self-help or personal narratives, Instagram accounts, motivational quotes, romantic novels, folklore tales and love song lyrics. Through the juxtaposition of them with the existing explanations of each card, I create my own deck in the form of storytelling plots and sequences. I am offering tarot readings for people who want guidance in order to invoke positivity.  My aim is to explore the longing of advice structured by language, as well as the fictional emotions (those that arise when we identify with narratives- predictions) that are produced through these processes, and as a conclusion to question what this story means, and what this guidance is for“.

“I can guide you towards a world where our affection is the initiator, and the folk rituals and spells are the protectors. A definable end is not proposed, but a space for healing is. I am very interested in other kinds of knowledge which are usually perceived as irrational or as the devil’s labour. The spells do not crave alternation, but rather flourishing. Regarding the preparation that I am doing, it always depends on the current demand, as well as the moon’s phase and the weather”.

Follow Aimilia on Instagram @art_vulgaris or Tumblr

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