“Behind the Trees”, A POEM BY AMY LIU

A poem submitted by a young poet Amy Liu.

“Behind the Trees” is a poem that celebrates Chinese culture and tradition by shedding light on Nǚwā, the Chinese goddess that is praised for molding humanity from clay centuries ago. In this poem, “mother” is Nǚwā, and the reader goes through a series of emotional, ethereal scenes to try and find her behind the trees, only to be lost in the forest.”

I wrote this poem to raise awareness about the folktales of Chinese history, as I used to be ashamed of my heritage due to the rampant racism and Eurocentrism in my town, but I have now learned to embrace it“, – Amy explains.

Amy Liu is a woman of color and 16-year-old poet based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her poetry is featured in National Braille Press, Neshaminy Journal, Her Culture, and more.

Amy, thank you for submitting your work to Wild Things Zine!

Artwork Nvwa patches up the sky by Hua Sanchuan

Learn more about Nǚwā HERE

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