mysterious world of Johanna-Josefina Alanko

Johanna-Josefina Alanko is a Finish artist based in Poland and Finland. Johanna creates beautiful and unique work that tells us a story and invites us to look at the mysterious parts of nature that are usually hidden from the public eye.

My work is influenced by my interest in combining humanity and nature – their spiritualism, spiritual powers, supernatural thinking as well as mythologies“, Johanna said.

Often these topics like to take the form of abstract flowers and plants, find the language to speak about forces of femininity – which I still find to not be fully understood and appreciated

We don’t fall asleep / 130×105

Johanna continues:”textures are emphasised in my paintings. The dozens of layers I am using in my artworks are a way to create deeper narratives and meanings. Anything can be part of my painting – but the materials which I choose are normally carefully considered. Every piece and stitch is telling its own story as part of the painting“.

Melancholia / 190 x 170

Follow Johanna Alanko on Instagram or visit the website to learn more about the work.

the photo was taken from Johanna’s instagram @yo.alanko

Follow her for more content and amazing pictures and videos of her studio!

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