Sélina Farzaei: make it happen at a low cost

Sélina Farzaei is a Canadian photographer, artist, and the founder of the Wackography project. Sélina usually creates from the thrifted and recycled materials and her work is inspired by dead flowers, construction sites and shattered glass.

Wackography is a project that Sélina started in 2019. This is her virtual space where she shows her photography and artwork, Moreover, some of her work is for sale and more than half of the profits is donated to different causes and movements such as Black Lives Matter,

Sélina’s work is incredibly tender, soft, calm yet sad, and makes you feel hundreds of different emotions at the same time. It also gives you hope, at the end of the day, Sélina gives a second chance to the objects and materials that a lot of us forget or throw away so easily. Yes, in 2020, in the age of overconsumption and fast replacement, working with the thrifted, old, recycled materials can be seen as a bold statement in the so-called mainstream life. Hopefully, Sélina’s work will inspire you to give a second life to the things that you no longer use or were about to throw away.

What is one item you cannot imagine your creative process without?

As strange as it might sound, my phone is essential to my creating process – I use it to note ideas when I’m not home, to take “test photos” before I shoot something on film, inspire myself.

What is art and creativity for you?

I like to say that art is how I express myself, even when I don’t know what I am feeling. 

Is there something new you want to try creative-wise in the future? 

I’m always trying new things out; whatever idea I have, I try my best to make it happen at a low cost. My dream would be to make more than prints: everyday items with my art on it, such as tote bags, clothing and more.

Do you always carry a camera with you?

I do my best to always have a camera on me but, sometimes, there are moments to be enjoyed without the need to take pictures. In that case, I always have my phone for personal memories – I rarely share or publish photographs taken on it.

Who are the artists you look up to?

I don’t look up to any particular artist, but I have to admit my Instagram home feed is where I get a lot of my inspiration. I follow tons of similar creators, often small, and scroll through their work when I’m out of ideas or motivation.

rich navy, 2019

Follow Wackography on Instagram and visit the website to learn more about Sélina’s work.

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