Grace Marie Requejo: The internal world of ourselves

Grace Marie Requejo is an Asian-American artist who tries to understand the realms of our minds and souls. She graduated from the Orange County School of the Arts and is currently, she is studying in Chicago at the School of the Art Institute. “With my art, I want to take viewers on a visual journey that explores the human psyche, fantasy, inner worlds, and the concept of flux. Most of my work is done using graphite, sometimes colored digitally on Photoshop”, – Grace says.

Read this mini interview with Grace and enjoy her work.

How long does it take you to create work?

Oh jeez! This is a difficult question to answer because my work varies in size and detail, but typically they take at the least 2 hours, and at the most 8+ hours. I don’t want to say that putting more time into a piece makes it more valuable, but usually, when I put a good amount of time and thought into an illustration, the result is very rewarding

Work: “Wastoid” 2020 Graphite + digital coloring 6″x8″


“I created this work to explore the reconciliation between the internal magic world of ourselves and the mystical powers of the external unknown. The piece is a combination of traditional hand-drawn animation and digital 2D animation using graphite pencil, notebook paper, and adobe applications (including Photoshop, After Effects, and Premiere Pro). The song I used is a version of The Smallest Weird Number by Boards of Canada that I remixed and integrated with samples of water pouring, bubbles popping, swallowing, fairies shimmering, enchantments, and 6 O’Clock DJ (Let’s Rock) by Rose Royce” – explains Grace.

Watch this beautifully made video. On her Vimeo channel Grace Marie also has a short video of making the baththub sounds, it is an interesting process.

Spyoodum from Grace Marie Requejo on Vimeo.

How do you choose colors for your work – intuitively or you look for a certain color to represent something?

Typically I use colors as a tool to control the mood of a piece. A lot of my work is done in either monochrome or grayscale which helps me to show detail and value, and can emphasize a certain melancholy that allows for more contemplation. I am heavily inspired by medieval woodcuts, which often appear quite somber because the work is in grayscale. For my illustrations, I find that softer colors like blues and purples help to give the work a deeper sense of calm, and bolder colors like red can help heighten the emotional intensity and bring more energy to a piece. 

“Transfiguration”; 2020; Graphite + digital coloring; 6″x8″
“What’s That Blue Thing Doing Here?” Colored Pencil + digital coloring; 2020; 8.5″x11″

What excites you the most about art? 

What excites me most about my art is being able to create my own dreamworld where I’m able to play with elements of fantasy and reality. I like that others are able to experience that part of my mind, and come to their conclusions about what the work means to them. There are a number of things that excite me about art in general. I find that art has the capacity to explain complicated feelings and can help us understand more about ourselves and the world around us. It draws our attention to things we may not have noticed before, and gives us a new found appreciation for what lies beneath the surface. Art is such a vast and limitless form of communication; it can shape our thinking, influence societies, and help us wonder about the world around us.

“Would You Like to See My Wares?” 2020 Graphite 8″x13″

Follow Grace Marie Raquejo on Instagram @gracesrealm

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