‘Real one’ – a new song by HVNLY.

HVNLY, also known as Heavenly Chances, is a Surinamese-Dutch artist based out of the Netherlands. A soulful ‘punk princess’ according to many peers of hers. The way HVNLY translates emotions and experiences into her compositions is absolutely unique. HVNLY knows how to mirror her audience by telling stories from different perspectives, stories everyone could identify themselves with. She carries herself in an exquisite, very powerful manner.

On November 12th HVNLY released her new track ‘Real One’ (available on all streaming platforms) and this last Sunday HVNLY presented a video for the song which she also co-directed.

‘Real One’ is all about self reflection: a safe space to be able to be real with yourself.

The song has a dark vibe to it which is interesting because it’s a Scorpio season now, and the song is so fitting. HVNLY is a whole package, a triple threat. She delivers not only beautiful vocals and quality music but stunning visuals and a thoughtful, inspiring story. Her vibe is soothing, relaxing yet on point. ‘Real One’ is the first single from HVNLY’s upcoming EP, so be ready for more amazing music!

by @segraphy

In the video, HVNLY takes us on a journey into her self-care routine: dimmed lights, scented candles, a relaxed setting where you can escape the daily chaos, slow choreography. The music video shows a subtle bridge between two worlds, where HVNLY’s thoughts and needs merge into one. While the story unfolds, the viewers witness a dilemma and the strong energy between HVNLY and her lover. The question stays the same is he the ‘real one’ for her?

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Behind the Scenes photos by @segraphy

Editorial: Photography @segraphy, @Alkenonline, @timeisindifferent Production: @leeanngineering MUA @kato.fierkens Assistent @cinthanijgh Studio @xyzstudioamsterdam

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