The incredible world of Frasquito Family

Frasquito family is the story of a unique character: Don Frasquito Raymond Gil-Urquijo. A fiction character born in “La baja Andalusia” in the beginning of the 20th century. He is a connoisseur, and lives between Andalusia and Florida. He is a traveler, lover of life, women, gastronomy and the good life, he is a blend of old-fashioned, deep-routed Spanish personality with international flavor, and he has definitely a surreal character and life. At times, he can be choleric, a bit arrogant, hugely ironic, with a fine touch of humour, even when he shouldn’t. Don Frasquito also has a very sweet side, although it is difficult to perceive it. One of his life motto is “make fun and enjoy“. The series tell the spectators about the specific moments or details from situations of Frasquito’s life, including immediate family, relatives, acquaintances and whoever who came across him (or not). It is a bit anarchic in this sense that I [the author] have not constraints to drive his life for whatever path it goes. Frasquito’s father doesn’t care about fitting in an idea or situation that already happened, rather he improvises when ideas or inspiration or likes come to his mind.

“Don Frasquito has been to the cousin Higinio from Begijar. Hadn’t a bull killed that one?”

“Mr. Frasco hasn’t been here for the last 17 years and 133 days”. Somewhere in South Beach. Miami. 17th work from the series.

“-Grilled, Don Frasquito?
– No. I have never liked tropical fishes. I want a plate of white Huelva’s shrimps”

“Don Filemon Cabello Bonilla residence. San Cristobal de la Habana. Cuba”.

“Frasquito, eat the ostrich’s egg”. Don Frasquito’s mum. Tiger’s carpet room. Country residence. Mairena del Alcor. Sevilla. 40th work from the series

“In my own and Gil-Urquijo family name wish you all a wonderful 2020”

About the creator

Frasquito’s creator is a physician, Engineering PhD Summa cum laude, kind of hyperactive guy. Consultant in his parallel life, with no clue about art or drawing and very poor drawing skills but this is not a setback to keep drawing as a way to try to overcome the struggles. Patience is not one of his strengths, and there is clear lack of rigor details in his drawings (far away from Van Eyck) that often poorly finished. But it is part of the essence of Frasquito. The author has two things crystally clear in his mind: he doesn’t want any drawing trainings and he doesn’t want to spend 2 days to make a Frasquito drawing. However, he wants to represent an idea, as stupid as it could be, with a mix of composition and colors.

He circled the earth through equator 17 times in 2017 (inside a plane), and he is good at starting something and leave it half-done or abandoned for weeks, months or forever. And Frasquito’s project is actually an exception. The author lived in several different countries, he loves hotel life, massages and Spanish food. He gets inspiration from whoever, wherever about whatever, with his own footprint. More than once, when the author was drawing, something that was intended to be one thing turned into something else. The artist represents more his likes than dislikes through Frasquito’s family.

Frasquito has more similarities with his father and creator than differences. But both love gastronomy, Florida, Andalusia, gourmet can food, goats, flamenco and Al Bano and Romina Power.

Follow the Frasquito’s family adventures on Instagram and support the artist.

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