INVISIBILITY IS NO EXCUSE. Poetry by Michael Brownstein


The weather forecast for today:
eight inches of flurries,
eye of hurricane winds from the northwest
butterfly flutterings near the house on the corner,
low pressure building into skyscrapers,
and wavelengths of surf dribbling onto the sand.
Tonight a high of marijuana
and tomorrow a low of the same.
Welcome to the world of climate change, USA!
Do not forget to visit the house on the hill
next to the Sea of Algebraic Confusion,
across from the Ridge of Scalene Trigonometric Progressions
and claim your prize–
fifteen dollars and forty-two-thousand cents.


Say: it’s like a disease.
Say: you can’t get there until you get there.
Say: pretty please with tart berries and butterfly lips,
insect bones and nerve endings from amoebas.
Say: we can’t have it until we have it.
Say: nothing is comprehended. Say: nothing is comprehended.
Say: what really matters really matters.
Say: this is what is on my plate. Do not
eat any of it.
Say: this is what I think before I think it.
Say: bread from Pine Ridge. Say: organic flour. Say: sunflower oil.
Say: milkweed. Say: diamonds but mean agates.
Say: agates but mean rubies.
Say: obsidian when you hold a diamond.
Say: racism. Say: Disease.


There is no element of surprise with a quarantine,
No understudy to take your place,
Masks and eye protection have been ordered.
They lay in cartons on warehouse shelves,
They have been here for months—perhaps years.
In Puerto Rico IV bags caught the great gusts of wind,
Rushed through holes in walls and forest,
Let the hurricane tumble everything into a mass of mess.
One hurricane, one response, 
Suddenly the world was minus needed medical equipment.
Leadership leads.
They do not distract, lie, use slight of hand..
They do not haggle ins and outs, people or economy..
They put on a mask, gloves, eye wear–
Enter the zone of terror and lead.

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