DARKRECONSTRUCTION: I want to swim in gold

This week we are looking at two beautiful works by DARKRECONSTRUCTION. These paintings cover the relations between nature and city, the balance between the two and how sometimes one can overpower another. DARKRECONSTRUCTION’s work made me think how often we underestimate the presence of nature in the big cities. We often complain how we miss nature because we barely see it in the cities. Somehow, nature became forests and mountains, and waterfalls. Yet nature is everywhere – the sky, the rain, insects, trees, birds, rats, grass trying to pick through concrete.. All of it, the bad, the good, it’s all nature. I never truly paid attention to this and maybe even took these little things for granted. It was truly an eye-opening experience reading and viewing DARKRECONSTRUCTION’s work. I hope you enjoy their work as much as I did and I will let the artist to tell you more about their work.


I am an emerging non-binary queer artist working in acrylic and watercolor paints, creating abstract expressionist paintings, and a graphic designer with over a decade of experience. Born in St. Petersburg and raised in Bensonhurst, I currently live and create art in Woodhaven, NY. As someone who has spent their entire life in New York, most of my creation is approached when keeping scale in mind – oftentimes most of what I can make is small, snatched away for my own within the limits of this city.

My work focuses on the contrast between urban life and nature. I am inspired by concrete walls overgrown by ivy and tree branches, train underpasses covered in graffiti and grass, a strong New York summer rainstorm beating against my window, the decaying Red Hook warehouses, tiny alleys, and the way the air smells on the first few days of September. It is my aim to create paintings that bring a moment of serenity and calm to the viewer. The cycle of creation and destruction is important to my work, as is the constant growth and rebirth that nature promises to us

Do you have a favorite season to (re)create?

I don’t have a favorite season; each one has its own pluses and minuses. Spring has its glorious blooms bursting forth. Summer is lush and green and humid and restful. Fall is somber and vibrant and maximalist. Winter is crystalline, fragile, ethereal, breakable. 


You mentioned all the ways of nature being present in the city but is there one element that you’re constantly coming back to or get inspired by? Or you see another object/situation and move on? 

The one thing I definitely keep coming back to is the colors blue and gold. They are integral to my work at this point. I want to bathe in the blue, I want to swim in gold. No matter what, I keep coming back to blue and gold as my main go-to colors for creation. I’ll wander off to try other colors, but without blue and gold everything feels lacking. And, it’s kind of a constant for me – no matter what there will always be the blue sky (and the blue ocean), and there will always be the orangey-gold lighting in older train stations and streets, the moon and stars, the glittering lights of the city along the horizon.


Thanks to DARKRECONSTRUCTION for submitting your work!


You can also support them by purchasing their art on ETSY

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