11 inspiring movies every person has to watch

Films are not only visual stories that make us think about life, love, world but also magic boxes full of creativity and inspiration. A lot of the movies inspire us to make music, draw, change our lives and so here is a list of 10 movies that Wild Things Zine finds inspiring.

These are the biographical or fictional movies about the artists, their minds and magical worlds.

#1 Tideland

A sad, deep yet fascinating movie about death, loss, and a weird world of a girl named Jeliza.

#2 Matangi M.I.A.

A biographical documentary about the music legend M.I.A. and her life. Definitely watch it if you want to know what happens behind the scenes of the music industry, how artists work and create.

#3 The Artist Is Present

A documentary that follows the creative journey of Marina Abramovic before her performance at the MoMa and shares details of her art and love life.

#4 Welcome to the Dollhouse

I don’t know how to describe this movie but it made me art journal on a daily basis. It is a weird yet aesthetically pleasing movie.

#5 Big Eyes

A movie based on a true story of a famous artist Margaret Keane. She fights through obstacles and finds her confidence, voice, and her artistic path!

#6 Frida

The life, struggles, and love of one and only Frida Kahlo.

#7 My Little Princess

Ok, so this one is hard. It’s a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing, and.. extremely disturbing, and sad movie. This a true story about Eva Ionesco and her childhood, her mother and abuse, and the bohemian lifestyle in Paris in the ’70s.


A movie about our world, our planet, nature. What else can be more inspiring than this?

#9 Exist Through the Gift Shop

A story that starts as a simple documentary about the infamous Banksy but takes a weird turn. It is a proof that with enough connections, desire, dedication and hype you can become anyone.

#10 Begin Again

A fun movie about a musician who is looking for her voice and a record label executive who is looking for himself in NYC. Together they create something magical and unique.

NEW YORK, NY – JULY 18: Keira Knightley, Hailee Steinfeld and Mark Ruffalo on location for “Can A Song Save Your Life?” on the Streets of Manhattan on July 18, 2012 in New York City. (Photo by Bobby Bank/WireImage)

#11 The Fall

Alexandria meets Roy who creates a fantasy world about 6 heroes who are on a very important mission. If you need a costume inspiration, this one is for you!

If you have any film recommendations, leave a comment!

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