Creating Freely | Submission by John Boudreau

John Boudreau is a contemporary artist from Massachusetts. He studied in New York and is currently based in Los Angeles, California. A biographical excerpt from his website:

John lived for many years in the Arts District neighborhood of downtown Los Angeles. He was an active part of the community participating in art festivals and events . His artwork has been included in several exhibitions that bring awareness to global issues and also for charities. In addition to exhibiting in galleries he now continues to create art on commissions.  John’s favorite art medium is painting with acrylic  and some series consists of fumage or metal leaf. He often finds inspiration for his canvases through nature and some of his work has symbolic significance“.


Mixed Media on canvas. 14wx11h. 2020.

This painting was inspired by a qigong meditation where the butterflies fly to out to the universe. The butterfly flies freely after building its strength in the cocoon. Also this work is symbolic in that butterflies can travel great distances.

Element of Nature

Acrylic on canvas. 16wx20h. 2019.

This painting is about the wilderness and depicts leaves falling. I feel free in nature and nature is important

Golden Lion

Mixed media on canvas. 14wx11h. 2020.

This painting reminds me how free the wildlife roams. 

Lost Treasure Found

Mixed media on wood. 12wx12w.1993. 

I felt free creating this piece because I used surrealist automatism to create it by just freely moving my brush and then accentuating areas of the painting.

Thank you, for submitting your work!

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Visit John’s website

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