The Abstract World of Edward Bullinger


We are extremely happy to share with you the artworks of a talented artist from the UK – Edward Bullinger as well as his vision and thoughts.

Enjoy Edward’s works and let us know what you think ✨

About Edward

Edward Bullingem is a British artist currently living in Norwich, UK. Edward received a Bachelor Degree in FIne Art Painting from Norwich University of the Arts, graduating in 2011 and has continued his art practice since.

Edward’s versatile painting style embraces a comprehensive form of Abstract Expressionism, exploring themes of non-figurative imagery and the audience’s emotive engagement. A nonliteral visualist, he employs the colourful combinations of acrylics and inks to achieve organic development within his work, relying on both handmade marks and the reactive qualities of the paint itself. 

Past exhibitions have included solo shows and group events across Norwich and London.

All the works are 15x21cm and are all untitled

Inspiration and Creative Process

What inspires me is the idea that the next piece that I create could be something so
completely different from what I have produced before, and it is the idea that
experimentation in abstract painting especially gives me such creative freedom that there is
no possible concept of right or wrong within this particular painting process
. I am also
inspired by the myriad influences of renowned abstract painters such as Joan Mitchell,
Gerhard Richter and Helen Frankenthaler.

My creative process is to ensure that I never discount any idea that I might feel would work
in one particular moment, even if the idea is fleeting. What is important for me is to not
disregard any possible influence or sudden inspiration, as that could well be the best avenue
to explore at the time. I enjoy creating blends of colour and shape through experimental
processes. Through this technique, my practice has become an exploration into the visual
and physical properties of the nonrepresentational style.

Message to the World

My message to the world would be inspired by the words of one of my favourite abstract
painters, John Hoyland: “painting should be a seismograph of the person“. In this sense, I
believe that paintings are very important in terms of the individual’s expression of
themselves. The painting is an interpretation of that person’s perception of their
environment, internal or external
. Every detail, every aspect of colour and style has been
considered to create their own unique interpretation of reality, feeling, or thought.  That such
a unique form of self-expression exists, that can be enjoyed and appreciated through the
eye, should be something that is never disparaged or overlooked.

Thank you, Edward for submitting your work to us.




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