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Corduroy Institute is an experimental pop band from San Diego, California that consists of two members – S.A.Morin and W.Ruiz.

WTZ interviewed Corduroy Institute back in November to learn more about their backgrounds, music and philosophy.

This time, Corduroy Institute invited us behind the scenes of their creative process. They currently work on a new project and they decided to use the random number generators to select pairs of albums that will inspire the direction of that day’s new piece.

Listen to the Spotify playlist below and read the mini-interview with Corduroy Institute.

When the albums are chosen, do you ever feel like it doesn’t fit the vibe of your album or that the chosen album(s) is not that inspiring?

We went along with the selections as they came up. Many of the pairings were unorthodox, seemingly incompatible. Nevertheless, they all provided their own kind of inspiration. The only time we almost discarded a selection was when Pure by The Golden Palominos came up— it was the second time a record by this band had been selected by the random number generator. However, the spirit of their albums was so different that we decided to push ahead.

How did you come up with the idea of a random number generator? Do you choose a particular genre or a year?

We already incorporate indeterminacy for our lyrics along with improvisation in our musical performance. What’s another way of introducing chance into our exploration of sound? A random number generator. Some of the benefits of leaving certain aspects of our process to chance are that it forces us to adopt new ways of thinking, lose our inhibitions, and create more freely.

Our random number generator provides selections from our CD collection. The only caveat is that we both need to be familiar enough with the album for it to effectively constitute an influence. If neither of us has heard the album or hasn’t assimilated its contents, it wouldn’t really work. The idea is to have enough of a reference to be able to channel the essence of what the album is about.

When are you planning to release your new album?

Our objective is to finish the upcoming album in May of 2021. We’re reaching the final steps of the production process, but we still have some critical components to iron out.

What else has inspired your work?

When we began working on these pieces in October of 2019, we were absorbing more live music than we ever had previously. Ten acts in a single month. To be bombarded by all that live music by so many artists, from so many genres, was utterly inspirational. Something from that must have seeped in when the album began.

Then 2020 happened, and it halted our progress. Only in the last few weeks of that year were we able to reconvene and revisit the concept of the random number generator.




Twitter: @corduroyinst

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