“A Year of Dreaming” by Dominika Jezewska


“A Year of Dreaming

“A Year of Dreaming” is a project by Dominika Jezewska. It is a year long project (2020 – ongoing), during which I create a digital artwork every single day using photographs taken with my phone, VR sketches – created in Tilt Brush and GravitySketch, Procreate, Adobe Fresco, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dimension, and Adobe Aero. No expectations, no plan, pure visual experimentation to test the limits of each medium and explore them further, to discover new landscapes and worlds in the process, teleporting myself through a dream into a different dimension every single day.

You mentioned there are no expectations when you start creating, but once you start, do you get a certain vibe from work and want to go in a certain direction?

With this project, A Year of Dreaming, the goal is to let myself create as freely as possible, the only condition being that I do it every single day for a year. When I sit down to it, sometimes I look through my folder of pictures, VR sketches and see what catches my eye, other times I start with loosely sketching in VR. Once I’m in the editing stage I follow the visual bits and pieces that feel the most interesting to me, explore them more, and eventually I land at an image that feels right and that’s where I stop.

With other projects I usually have a quite well developed concept, do thorough research, and have a general idea of how I’d want it to look and feel before I actually start creating. But at the same time I rarely go into a project with a clear, set in stone idea of what I want the finished product to look like exactly. It never turns out as you imagined it at first and forcing it to be that way only results in lots of frustrations. Actually, experimenting and trying new things and approaches as you go along always results in the finalized project being so much better than you could’ve imagined when you first started.

What realities and other worlds inspire you? 

I love stories of all kinds: books, movies, history, music, listening to friends telling me about their day. Each and every one of those is a separate reality, an individual world that you get a glimpse into. It’s the most inspiring thing out there for me because the only reality you truly know is your own. When someone lets you see a piece of theirs (imaginary or real), it’s very special, you’re being let in on a very precious secret.

What photos do you take? Is it something planned or random? And do you take a new photo every single day?

The photos are completely random. I love taking pictures of the sky and clouds, but basically whenever I see interesting shapes, light, reflections (anything really) I immediately pull out my phone and take a picture (my photo library is all over the place). You never know when that little unique moment you caught will turn into something bigger. However, I don’t aim to take new ones every single day, there are days where I don’t take any new ones and instead I use what I already have in new ways.

Do you have any advice for beginner artists?

Be kind to yourself, never stop experimenting, and observe everything!


Artist Statement

Dominika Jezewska is a multidisciplinary artist and designer. She graduated from Parsons School of Design in 2016 with a BFA in Fashion Design and has an extensive background in fashion and 3D visualization. Forever immersed and fascinated by the world, she spends her time exploring realities  + everything in between in her art practice, imagining and dissecting the relationships between humans, objects and space. Especially interested in the little things and subtle messages which make up the fabric of the subjective realities we exist in, she explores the possibilities and what ifs crafting pockets of alternate realities which exist at the intersection of art, design and technology and appear in different forms ranging from wearable avant-garde fashion art pieces to installations and mixed reality environments.

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