Enough is enough, and I am enough

Author: Ginelle Testa


Diet culture whispers sweet promises in our ears of a better future. If you’re thinner, you’ll be
happier, more beautiful, healthier, and better than others.

If you just lost that weight, then your life could begin.

You’ll find that partner. You’ll do that thing. You’ll finally be enough.
I call bullshit. I am enough.

Ever since I discovered the Health at Every Size movement, my life has been changed forever.

Weight and health are not always correlated. It’s much more complex than that, and in fact,
folks can pursue health at every size. There are actions we can take wherever we’re at to make the best of our lives.

I’m done feeling like I’m not enough if I have fat on my body, if I can’t squeeze myself into
unrealistic standards of beauty that are unreachable for most of the population, or if I can’t hit the gym hard every day… or ever.

I’m done waiting for my life to begin when I hit my goal weight. Because, guess what, I’ve hit my goal weight in the past and it STILL wasn’t enough. I wanted to be thinner, fitter, prettier.

When is it enough?

I say now. Here. And now. Right where I am, no matter where I am. Belly rolls. back fat, and all, I am enough.

I’m done waiting until I look a certain way for someone to love me. I’m done waiting to believe
the person who’s right in front of me loves me as I am. Enough is enough.

And I am enough.

My best level of health is when I’m taking actions to feel like my best self—this includes mental, spiritual, emotional, social, financial, and physical health. It is not one-dimensional diet culture bullshit.

I’ve had enough. I don’t want to waste another fucking day on this planet worried about the way that my stomach flops over my jeans or the fact that I weigh more than my boyfriend.

I have other shit to worry about. I’d rather be celebrating myself where I’m at, and striving to be better every day through my definition of what’s better.

Enough is enough.


Thank you, Ginelle, for submitting your work.

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