Goodbye..for now at least!

Hello everyone!

With a heavy heart, I have to announce that WTZ stops its work. At least for now. I am not sure if WTZ will be back next year, or in two years, or will just stop existing whatsoever.

I started this zine with passion and love for art, music, and self-expression, and got lost. Currently, I am not creatively inspired. This feels more like a job than a passion at this point.

I’ve been feeling like this for the past year. I gave myself, one month, three months, a year to heal and find some inspiration. But nothing helped.

Behind the scenes, dealing with personal stress, and a weak performance of the platform was quite difficult. On top of that, our website was also shared as a writing platform on multiple occasions and our inbox was full of emails by the writers only. Unfortunately, the majority of the people submitting didn’t take interest in the platform itself or didn’t check the FAQ, and responding to 50+ emails every week just created more stress. In no shape or form, our intent is to be misrepresented or create fake promises for artists and people who love to create, write, or express themselves.

Simply, I just don’t feel like sharing art, I want to observe it, and learn from it. I need time for myself, to heal, to deal with stress…

Everybody who was scheduled to be published on the website was informed today about this decision.

The website will be expired next year, and once it does, I will update the link to the new website here on Instagram so that the interviews and the published works can be still easily accessed.

I deeply care about the platform and about the community it created. Hopefully, WTZ will be back.. But I cannot say if this is a temporary or indefinite decision.

Thanks for your support and understanding.

Take care of yourself, keep creating amazing art!

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