WILD THINGS ZINE is an independent platform that focuses on art, creativity, beauty, self-love, and self-development. WTZ is a digital zine. We don’t publish physical zines yet, but we would love to in the future.

Additionally, Wild Things Zine is interested in self-expression and storytelling through art, writing, poetry, music, film, and fashion as well as the creative process, behind the scenes and things that inspire artists.

We are inspired by the creatives, rebels, rule-breakers, people with free souls and wild hearts, people who care about others and the world. Freedom, fresh cool air, sustainability, being true to yourself, deserts, jungles, bonfires, nights, oceans, art, buildings, streets, subways, car rides, music, and films – all of it inspires us as well.

WILD THINGS ZINE is a place where you can be free and express your opinions, share your stories and art shamelessly. It is the place where we gather all together and embrace who we are, embrace our lives and our dreams.

Wild Things Zine was inspired primarily by Alessia Cara’s song Wild Things, Pharrell Williams’ song Freedom, Jessie J’s Wild.

The word WILD – is about being raw, it is about playing by your own rules, it is about being yourself, exploring yourself, and your creativity.

WILD THINGS ZINE is about people and their experiences, about them living unapologetically.

Why WILD THINGS? Because…

We believe in magic, and crazy, creative life, and self-expression no matter who you are or what your age is. WILD THINGS is how we live. Every day is a new page of the book called life. And it is only up to us what this book is really about.

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Julia Kolens

Capricorn Sun, Scorpio Moon born in Riga, LV

I am a founder of Wild Things Zine. I love nature, animals, creativity, spirituality, and learning new things. Telling stories through different media, helping, and exploring brings me joy. I also love journaling and emojis! I have around 70 favorite emojis and the same amount of journals 🤷‍♀️

If you want to join WTZ, email us on wildthings.journal@gmail.com or DM us on Instagram/Twitter