HOW TO SUBMIT? Email us on or dm on Twitter or Instagram.

WHO CAN SUBMIT? Everyone. We don’t care where you are from, what age you are and what profession you have. WTZ does not have age or experience limits.

WHAT WORK DO YOU ACCEPT? We accept music, art, collages, photography, poetry, quotes, short stories, self-portraits, photo of your outfits, style, makeup, interviews, videos, journals. Almost everything. There are no limits. However, we don’t accept anything that spreads hatred and is to revealing. See the guidelines below.

Once you submitted your work, you will hear from us within a few days. Please, don’t stalk us, don’t be rude and don’t insult our work, creators and artists, you will be blocked automatically. WTZ works with the content calendar and once your work is approved, it should be posted on our IG or website within a few weeks, we will let you know about it!

WHAT ARE THE CRITERIA? Send us an email with your work, a little description of it, which materials you used, who you are as an artist. You can send us your website, manifesto, a quote. Usually, we write our own description on Instagram for the works we post, if there is anything you want say, let us know. For writers and poets – you can send us visuals that inspired you for your work (if any).

For writers: essays, short stories, opinion pieces should be at least 300 words and maximum 1000 words.

For poets: there are no line limit but if you submit small poems, submit a few that can be published together.

WHERE DO YOU PUBLISH YOUR WORK? On our WTZ instagram and as a highlight on the website.

IF YOU DON’T HAVE A THEME WHAT CAN I SUBMIT? You can submit anything. Some ideas – self-love, body positivity, style, fashion, photography, poetry, favorite movies and music, self-portraits, illustrations. We will review it and will let you know if we are going to post it.

IF YOU HAVE A THEME, CAN I STILL SUBMIT WORK THAT DOES NOT FIT THE THEME? Absolutely yes! It can make to our next theme. But even when we have a theme, we still upload work that we find beautiful, even if it doesn’t belong to theme theme.

HOW DO YOU DECIDE WHAT WORK TO POST? We review your work and decide it based on our preferences and if it fits our theme and a general concept. If you work is not accepted, you will always get an email explaining why. Don’t take it personally. WTZ is one of the many platforms and we are pretty sure you will find a place for your work as well. We have a concept and an idea and have to stick to it.


WHO IS BEHIND WILD THINGS ZINE? Me – Julia Kolens with some help of other creators since WTZ is primarily a user-generated platform. Check our instagram to see all creators and artists.

WHERE ARE YOU BASED? Kind of everywhere. Between Europe and the US. Physically in Belgium, mentally in North Carolina, US.


DO YOU PUBLISH PHYSICAL ZINES? No and so far we are not planning to have physical zines. In the future, I plan to have PDF versions of WTZ.

DO YOU SELL ANY PRODUCTS OR PROMOTE ARTISTS? We don’t sell any products yet but we do promote artists (this is one of the points of WTZ). Email us if you want to be featured. You DON’T have to pay us to be featured on our website/instagram/twitter, your work has to be reviewed and approved by WTZ only.

I WANT TO WORK WITH YOU, WHAT SHOULD I DO? You can email us and let us know what you would like to do. We are constantly looking for the writers and content creators. Keep in mind, WTZ is not a corporation and as of now, we can not reward you financially for your work. Once we are able to, we will make sure that people who create original content for us, can be rewarded.